The Last Wordbenders – ‘I Need an Adult’

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this edition of the Independent Spotlight, we’re going to be delving into the music of The Last Wordbenders, an outfit considered to be “nerdcore hip hop.” Their new tune is ‘I Need an Adult.’ For the purposes of this review, we’re going to be delving into both the song and its official music video. Thus, let’s start with the tune.

The first few times I spun ‘I Need an Adult,’ I didn’t watch the video. I queued it up in our studio on professional monitors and let it spin. Right off the bat, I have to laud the group’s production. It masterfully melds pretty intense beats with synthesizers that sound like they’re straight out of a Sega Genesis. That’ll probably be a compliment to them, considering 90s video games were probably a notable part of their lives.

That may be the most important thing about ‘I Need an Adult.’ It really doesn’t take itself overly seriously. Nerdcore hip hop is a niche I’ve run into a few times here on the Spotlight. It’s joyfully fun, actively switching out the stereotypes of popular contemporary hip hop and replacing them with anime and Reddit references. (This song title is taken from a meme, after all.)

‘I Need an Adult’ shoots across the bow at a variety of things: the current presidential race, greedy government in places like Flint, Michigan, political correctness, and much more. There’s a recurring musing of self-independence flaunted throughout – I love their blatant enthusiasm and intense delivery.

The official music video was filmed and edited by A.D. Weighs, an artist that also appears as a guest for the third verse. Put quite simply, Weighs has created one of the finest indie music videos I’ve ever seen. I’m typically bogged down in mediocre crap. ‘I Need an Adult’ is very sharply edited and designed.

Everything from the themes of the occult to the excellent backdrops and special effect keying is very well done in the video. I love how Weighs toyed with keying himself in all over the screen like a hip hop infused ghost. It’s a terrific video.

‘I Need an Adult’ is a perfect excursion through nerdcore hip hop. The well-produced track is executed in a fantastic way and Weighs’ creative direction both in his verse and the accompany video was invaluable.

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