Curly Tonic & Bob Spring – Press Release – January 27, 2016



Curly Tonic To Release New Single, ‘I Do Remember’

On Feb. 5, the alternative singer songwriter and downtempo deep house producer, Curly Tonic, will be releasing his latest studio endeavor, ‘I Do Remember.’ The melancholy lyricism and atmospheric soundscapes craft new sonic territory for the Swiss DJ. Collaborating with the talented singer songwriter Bob Spring, Curly Tonic’s new track brings a fresh take on his style to the independent scene, a take that’s particularly foreign and exciting to American audiences.

Last May, Curly Tonic achieved notable internet fame through his remix of Lera Lynn’s ‘The Only Thing Worth Fighting For,’ a track popularized by the HBO show ‘True Detective.’ Tonic paired a sharply edited and produced music video with his six minute creation, and thus, clocked in over one million views and continual lauding for his creative style. One could argue that Curly Tonic’s remix of the show’s second season opening track fared better than the show itself!

Bob Spring, the featured artist on ‘I Do Remember,’ released his previous studio effort in May of 2014, entitled ‘Dust and Arrows.’ The record has been described as “summer with some dark rain clouds in the sky,” manifesting itself into a somber, melodic listening experience. The Swiss-Italo-American is currently on his album kick off tour in his home country, but will soon be embarking for the homeland of his heart, the United States.

As an independent songwriter, Spring boasts an impressive catalog of more than 600 songs since his solo career’s inception in 2007. Though he is very much at home in the studio and has worked both on solo and collaborative content, the songwriter is passionate about touring, and very much looks forward to touring the United States once again. Having performed at legendary venues such as the Whisky A Go-Go and Hotel Indigo, Spring has already planted significant roots in the states.

‘I Do Remember’ has the signature studio quality that both Curly Tonic and Bob Spring are known for. Elegantly and minimally produced by Tonic, the track explores themes of love and passion in intriguing new ways, marked poignantly by Spring’s soft, but infectiously lovely crooning delivery.

The track’s radio edit, featured in the 4:40 long music video, can be viewed right now on YouTube. The full track, however, is six minutes in length and that is the version that will be available on all major distribution platforms come Feb. 5. (Fans can expect the single on distribution platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and an array of other outlets.)

To keep up to date with both Curly Tonic and Bob Spring, one can follow their social networking presences which can be found below along with a direct link to the ‘I Do Remember’ music video.

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