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Real Gutta Music To Release EP This Summer

Joseph Chatman, also known under the moniker of Real Gutta Music, is preparing to release a new EP in the summer of 2016. Entitled ‘Mr. Chatman,’ the five track endeavor will be available on all major digital distribution services, including platforms like iTunes and Spotify. (Set to drop at $7.99) Hosting an array of lyrically profound ideas and content the whole world can relate to, the EP is one to mark your calendar early for.

Real Gutta Music is set to have a bombastic year chock-full of exciting collaborations and music. For his new content, he’s partnered with his manager, the CEO of Mastermind Music, Chino Dollar. Furthermore, the lead single off the EP, ‘Madness,’ will feature the legendary Houston rapper and founder of the South Park Coalition, K-Rino. Gutta and K-Rino will be even further accented by production from Nagra Beats in the United Kingdom.

Born in Waco, Texas in a volatile area of disenfranchisement, crime, and gangs, Chatman escaped the hood by pursuing an education through the Gary Job Corps. Influenced by a lifelong admiration of artists like Tupac, Ice Cube, and Notorious BIG, Chatman decided to don the pseudonym of ‘Real Gutta Music’ to pursue his passion in music. In 2003, he dropped ‘Nawf 9th Hustler’ with AkkBad Entertainment, a release that lead to a slew of radio interviews, live gigs, and special features. The mixtape set forth a path that allowed Chatman to make his dream an actual career.

Having moved to Austin one year later, Gutta formed Monsta Entertainment with the local artists Gerald G and Ryno. The collaboration became so infectious that they were soon opening for the likes of Lil Jon, The Screwed Up Click, and a myriad of other upcoming stars. They toured as well, most notably on the famous ‘Texas Tour.’ Looking to expand his art even further, however, Gutta made the decision to move to Atlanta.

In 2009, Gutta formally kicked off his solo career with his eponymous debut, one that landed on MTV-3, eleven different radio stations, and lead to a strong tour throughout Georgia. Now six years later, having relocated himself back to Texas, this time in San Antonio, Gutta has continued to perform and open for national acts, including several Grammy winning artists.

Gutta remains grounded and realistic in his entertainment pursuits, frequently finding himself humbled by the support of his fans and collaborators. “I appreciate everything the big homies, Lil Keke and Roy Perkins, did for me in respect to the shows and performances,” he says. “I look forward to the continued support while I branch out to other markets.”

‘Mr. Chatman,’ the five song EP slated for this upcoming summer, continues the collaboration between Gutta and the Mastermind Music CEO, Chino Dollar. A four week radio campaign in partnership with Trend City Radio in Los Angeles kicked off three days ago on Jan. 23 as well. Production on the album will include work from SuperStaar Beats, Nagra Beats, Jrum, and DJ Naydee of Beats Planet. The album will feature artists Ryno, K-Rino, and Fred Nice. ‘Madness,’ the first single anticipated to drop, delves into the governmental corruption and injustice of police brutality – a broken system and much-discussed topic last year moving into this year.

Real Gutta Music can be booked at the following information below and followed on major social networking.

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  1. I’m very proud of this dude right here and honored to have the privilege to assist him with his career so y’all get ready we coming like a Mac Truck with no brakes!!! #RealGuttaMusic #MasterMindMusic

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