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Fidget Music Artist, Ste Essence, To Release Debut Single On Label This September

Ste Essence, the newest signee to the Fidget Music record label, will be releasing his debut single on the label September 29. ‘I Wanna Believe,’ a tune featuring Vicky Jackson, introduces the veteran DJ with fierce skill and passion. The release of the single will also be accompanied by a series of remixed versions of the song.

Fidget Music is a relatively new label, and Essence’s debut on their brand is their second official release. It is, however, following closely behind ‘All Through The Night,’ the highly successful Duplex single. (Also featuring Vicky Jackson.) The track charted in the UK Top 40 Music Week Charts, peaking at number eleven on the Upfront Club chart and number nine on the Commercial Pop chart.

Ste Essence is anything but a green performer. With the better part of two decades of work under his belt, the DJ has been playing throughout the UK for years. Under several different monikers, Essence has explored a deep realm of music: from drum and bass to house, his eclectic repertoire is constantly expanding in new directions. The same can be said for his ever-growing list of collaborative projects. From playing alongside artists such as D. Ramirez and Annie Mac to the world’s most well known club brands such as We Love, Electricity, and Flashback, Essence has proved a poignant collaborator.

As aforementioned, there are four different remixed versions of ‘I Wanna Believe.’ The original mix is written and produced by Ste Essence and sung by the talented Vicky Jackson. With bombastic pianos and organs, infectiously catchy hooks, and stomping basslines, this retro-feeling song is perfect for the happier crowd within big room house music. The extended mix of the track has been described as “pure sunshine vibes,” adding a unique flair to the original.

The first collaborator on the project is Stuart Ojelay, who produced the first remix of the song. With a different organ melody and the creative use of filters and remixing, Ojelay has crafted a compelling take on the original song. He’s been a house music veteran for more than fifteen years, touring the world and becoming a household name in production. Perhaps most famously, Ojelay mixed, compiled, and produced the ‘Hed Kandi Taste Of’ series album, which topped iTunes charts.

The second collaborative effort for Ste Essence’s new release is a more peculiar one. Brandon Reeve is fifteen years old and he’s already made an incredible name for himself in the industry. He’s a prodigy of sorts, one that hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s signed to Tackle Records and has supported the likes of Curbi, Zeds Dead, and Joey Rumble. His take on ‘I Wanna Believe’ is a futuristic playhouse of intriguing melodies and old school break sections.

On September 29, ‘I Wanna Believe’ and its four versions will be available on both iTunes and Beatport. Fans can connect with Fidget Music, Fidget Studios, and the artists for the release at their respective social networking and web presences listed below.

Fidget Music:

Twitter: @FidgetMusic

Fidget Studios:

Twitter: @FidgetStudios

Ste Essence:

Twitter: @SteEssence

Stuart Ojelay:

Brandon Reeve:

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