Tyler Akin ‘Sea Bee Key’

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this evening’s Independent Spotlight, we’re going to be taking a peek at the music of Tyler Akin, a rising producer and engineer who works out of Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. His newest effort, which is available on Spotify, is ‘Sea Bee Key,’ an eclectic electronic rock EP. With only two tracks , the poignant effort hits hard and has some serious lasting power. Let’s delve straight into it.

In the opening notes of ‘Sea Bee,’ I was completely compelled, because I was expecting an instrumental electronica track. Guest vocalist Michael McGough quickly appears, however, and his cascading, layered vocals are absolutely terrific. The tune has great pop sensibility, creating an infectiously catchy soundscape that’s still complex and detailed. I ended up listening to the song five or six times, dissecting its production. Akin’s music is sharp and well-produced – nothing feels out of place and it’s one of those songs that shines remarkably brightly on a quality sound system. It’s a beautiful, chaotic cacophony of pop and electronic musings that’s brilliantly designed.

‘Key to The Summer’ follows ‘Sea Bee,’ this time, trading that pop sensibility for rock and roll themes. Again, there’s an incredible production surrounding this number. Acoustic guitars, suave vocals, and building instrumentation are all intensely satisfying. Lyrically, it’s a summer rock and roll song about a girl. It doesn’t feel cliche, though. Rather, both tunes feel authentic and wholly genuine. The tight percussion and searing electric guitar on the latter half of ‘Key to The Summer’ are particularly excellent. That said, the song feels more subdued than ‘Sea Bee,’ perhaps embracing a level of brevity that actually benefits the tune.

‘Sea Bee Key’ is an incredibly good little EP. Both tracks are nothing short of superb. Personally, I favor ‘Key to the Summer’ because I love Akin’s rock and roll / electronic hybrid creation. With that said, I adore the complexity of ‘Sea Bee’ and its composition. The two tracks starkly contrast one another, which is the best thing Akin could have done on a two song release. You have to make each tune stand out dramatically. Check it out on Spotify below and connect with Akin on Facebook. He’s an act worth following.



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